Diablo 2 speedrunner scores legendary Zod rune, trolls viewers by instantly promoting it

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Editor’s take: Although the troll enraged followers, this incident made for an epic speedrunning second. The Zod rune represents numerous hours of grinding, and Kano casually vendored it with out a thought. Diablo 2 diehards will not quickly overlook this devilish show of disrespect for the sport’s rarest loot.

An achieved Diablo 2 Resurrected participant has pulled off the loot equal of profitable the lottery, nabbing the rarest drop the traditional motion RPG has to supply. However in a twist that enraged followers, he instantly bought the priceless rune for a ‘measly’ 35,000 gold.

Speedrunner ‘Kano’ was 8 hours into an murderer “1 to ubers” world document try final week when a defeated enemy spat out a Zod rune – absolutely the rarest of Diablo 2’s droppable runes. Viewers immediately misplaced their minds.

“That is simply the rarest factor ever dropped in a speedrun,” exclaimed one incredulous viewer.

“A Zod Rune! That is my highest speedrun rune,” Kano exclaimed, including “That is the first-ever Zod I discovered, by the best way.”

However the cosmic rarity would not final lengthy. In a troll that left followers reeling, Kano bee-lined to the closest vendor and bought the Zod for 35,000 gold. Cue the meltdown.

“OMFG HE VENDORED IT,” one horrified viewer yelled out. “Over right here taking part in checkers whereas Kano’s taking part in 3D chess,” laughed one other on the stunt. You possibly can catch the legendary second round 8:15:30 in Kano’s full stream.

Contemplating how coveted the merchandise is, you possibly can think about the chat’s response to watching one of many rarest objects in Diablo historical past bought off like a primary therapeutic potion.

“It is 35K! It is good cash,” Kano joked, fanning the flames.

However simply how uncommon are Zod runes? Many Diablo 2 devotees declare they’ve by no means seen one drop in many years of play. “I advised my spouse… I been taking part in D2 for almost all of 20 years and I simply discovered, for the primary time, one of many rarest objects within the recreation,” says a remark on an unrelated Reddit thread on r/Diablo. “She tried to sound excited, however she simply does not know the ache and grind and hours dumped into this. I forgive her.”

Based on Diablo knowledge website d2runewizard, a Zod has only a 1:2,987,183 probability to drop from Hell Ball’s quest drop.

Kano stored his cool after the enduring jebait, persevering with the speedrun.

So, what are you able to truly do with this legendary rune? The Zod can solely be utilized in one runeword – Breath of the Dying. When socketed into any armor or weapon, the rune makes the merchandise indestructible. Some devoted gamers dice two Cham runes and an ideal emerald collectively to attempt to snag this coveted rune. To equip gear with a Zod rune, you want to be a minimum of degree 69, in any other case it raises the merchandise’s required degree to 69.

After all, Kano wasn’t all in favour of any of its perks. The followers could forgive him, however they will actually always remember.

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